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Simply click on the picture of the virtual girl to see a selection of her videos. The full video clips are available from the virtugirl members web site.

Note - please realise that although I try to update this site regularly, I also have a job and a family, so I can't keep up with all the new virtual girls that virtuagirl ad. I will always be behind on the site, probably because I'm busy downloading the latest virtual girl from Virtuagirl myself, so not all the virtual girls have a page of their own yet.

I know they all deserve one

For some of the girls I have added a few example screenshots from one or more of their animated virtual girl strips, just to give you a taster, but for the real thing click here to download the free trial version!

You might recognise some of the ladies, like Niki Nova, Aria Giovanni and Sunny Leone... 

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2002 Totem Entertainment - All rights reserved - VirtuaGirl is a Registered Trademark

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2002 Totem Entertainment - All rights reserved - VirtuaGirl is a Registered Trademark


Virtuagirl2 Member site

Virtuagirl2 also includes access to a members site with extra videos, photos and wallpapers of the featured girls.

you can also vote on which girls should be released next!

Virtuagirl is my personal favorite desktop girl program, I've been a member since the original version and I can't recommend it highly enough!


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